Straw pellet for horses


Ourproduct is of the bestquality ,  weuse the plain end selectedstrow for the production.

  • Exceptional absorbency compared to traditional straw  helps to ensure cleaness and the helth of horse hoof. Using pellet the hors hoof is not exposed to moisture. This way we can avoid the infection of hooves arrows and skin of lower section of limbs.
  • Reduction of ammonia vaporsallows that the air in stable is frescher and easier to breath.
  • Perfect for the transport of horses, equestrian events and moving stables.
  • A convenient way of packing make the transport and storage easier.


Microbiological safe

  • examined by accredited laboratory.
  • it does not contain any microorganisms, mold or fungus bacteria.
  • not found Aspergillus spp., Rhizopus spp., which can cause respiratory disease for horses.
  • reduction of disease by eliminating mold and bacteria up to 99%

Test result NR 11983/1-1/S/2016

Test result NR 2

Delivery terms and way of storage

Ourpelletcan be supplied in bulk on a trailer or in „Big Bag” package of 800 kg, as well as in 25 kg bags.
The productmust be stored and transported in cool place with out the contact with anybiologicalpollution and humidity.
Sreawpellet is used as bedding for farm animalsspacialy for horses.Theaverageuse is about 8-14 kgfor m2. Quantity of pelletused for beddingdepends on the individual farm technology.

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